Diamond Collection Light Siam Round Sewing Crystals


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Diamond Collection Light Siam Round Sewing Crystals

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MATERIAL: Crystal Glass
MODEL: Diamond Collection Light Siam Round Sewing Crystals
QUANTITY: It depends on your size selection.

Crystals reflect light, so the looks of particular color depends on surrounding, illumination, background and even size of the crystal. If you have questions regarding color, foiling, size or usage of these crystals, please contact us. Sewing Crystals are loose crystals with a flat back, they can be easily sewn either by hand, or with a standard domestic or industrial embroidery sewing machine onto any type of textile or accessory. These Sew-On crystals have 2 holes with rounded edges on the hole entry and exit areas to guarantee thread protection. The assortment offers a great variety of colors and effects to turn textiles and fashion accessories into bespoke luxury items.

Sew on rhinestones are the perfect finishing touch to clothes, shoes and accessories.Also great for garments and costumes. Available in a huge range of beautiful colors,and in a vast array of sizes. Let your imagination run away with you, and be creative with these stunning, dressmaking jewels.

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10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm


1pc, 24pcs, 28pcs, 45pcs


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