Premium Collection Jonquil Sewing Mirrors


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Premium Collection Jonquil Sewing Mirrors

World’s Best Quality

For B2B partners we offer all kinds of sizes of hotfix, gluing and sewing stones.
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Please note: Colours are very consistent but slight shade variations can occur with different production lots. The Premium Collection Jonquil Sewing Mirrors are flat at the bottom and have holes in the upper side for application with needle and thread easy to sew. Or you can also glue them on . To satisfy every need, the premium sewing mirrors are ideal for decorating dance clothes, body skating, artistic gymnastics and skating, great for dresses accessories, home furnishing items, and DIY projects.
The sewing mirrors are equipped with a protective film in the upper part to avoid any scratches or dirt and can be easily removed. Before using, remove the protective film to get a nice and clean mirror.

On most dance costumes it is easy to see where to add rhinestones. Look for areas that you would like to draw attention to. If the costume has a good pattern then you could accentuate it. Scattering rhinestones on the bodice is also a very easy way to add extra sparkle.
Once you get more comfortable with adding rhinestones, You can choose to add a few rhinestones for a little sparkle or a large amount of rhinestones to really dazzle. Regardless of your decision, adding rhinestones to dance costumes is an easy way to make your costume look amazing.

We make your life shiny!


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