Stone Applicator


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Stone Applicator

A handy tool for hotfix stones, with 7 interchangeable tips, for  sizes SS6 to SS34!

Please, read all the instructions before using.

Stone Applicator is used to apply hotfix stones individually. Select the correct tip for the size of the stone you are about to set. Plug unit into regular wall socket and allow it to warm up for 2 minutes. Place garment on heat resistant surface, faceup where you want to apply stones. You may want to place another layer, between the garment’s layers, in order to prevent the possibility of glue seeping through the upper layer and leaving a mark on the other side. Use the applicator to pick up the stone, that is facing the right way up, by pushing the correct tip over the stone, hold it up and watch for the glue to melt, for a few seconds. As soon as the glue melts, push the stone on the fabric and immediately withdraw the unit… do NOT leave it on the stone… just push and pull! The stone will freeze on the fabric and pull free from the tip. IF you leave the tip on the stone while it’s on the fabric, the glue will wick away from the stone, the stone will stay in the applicator tip, and you will have a mess to deal with. Pick up another stone and repeat until you have all the stones in place. Keep tips clean by using a small bristle brush (the kind you use to clear the grill).


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